Renewable Solutions

Our Story

Ergo views used cooking oil as much more than just waste. Instead, we see it as an eco-friendly alternative to petroleum! Since 2017, we have been collecting and recycling local cooking oil from Vancouver Island businesses. After collecting the oil, we upcycle it into eco products that are safe for people and the planet.

In the beginning, we started by recycling the waste oil into renewable biodiesel. In the meantime, we have expanded into the production of agricultural products and a growing line of oil-ternative™ Release Agents for the construction industry.

We don’t just recycle waste oil; we create value out of it. As a result, our waste becomes a renewable oil-ternative™ that supports a circular economy. Moreover, we help companies reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a greener world.

Moving forward, Ergo will continue to innovate new oil-ternative™ products while growing our recycling services. Above all, we are focused on reducing waste and contributing to a healthy planet. 

Our Circular Process


1. Provide fast, professional used cooking oil recycling services to Vancouver Island restaurants. 

2. Offer locally upcycled eco products that are safe for people and the planet. 

3.Continue to innovate renewable solutions that contribute to a circular economy.


A resilient, local circular economy where our waste provides the inputs for sustainable products that provide a net benefit to people, local communities and planet.

circular economy


We provide fast and professional recycling services and offer effective and high quality eco products!


We are committed to safely recycling cooking oil into non-toxic products that protect people and the environment.


We actively contribute to a circular economy by reducing and upcycling waste into eco-friendly products.