Ergo Eco Solutions

Ergo Eco Solutions provides restaurants on Vancouver Island with waste cooking oil collection and recycling services.

All of the oil we collect is upcycled into environmentally-friendly and high-quality eco-products, including our oil-ternative™ Release Agents, biodiesel, and agricultural products.

​We support a circular economy, helping our local communities become more resilient and sustainable by lowering our carbon footprint and reducing waste.

Free and Reliable Used Cooking Oil Recycling

We are always welcoming new restaurants to join our efforts to divert waste cooking oil from landfill, and ensure it doesn’t pollute our public sewer systems and water treatment operations.​

We provide our clients with oil collection bins tailored to their needs to collect and recycle their used waste cooking oil. When the bin reaches capacity, our professional team collects the oil. It’s as easy as that!

285+ partners

Vancouver Island businesses recycle their used cooking oil through Ergo’s recycling service.

1,000,000 kg+ waste recycled

Waste diverted from Vancouver Island landfills and upcycled into Ergo’s eco-products.

“Best release agent our company has ever used”

We were absolutely astounded by the product and how well it worked at our sites. We have been in the paving business for three decades, proving our experience with paving agents.
Don Howell
Operations and Sales Manager
Royal Paving