FAQ: Used Cooking Oil Recycling

Is the service free?

Ergo’s oil recycling service is free to all clients and we work around your business’ schedule and needs.

How often is the oil collected?

We pick up the oil as often as your business needs. We also provide on-call emergency services and pick-ups by request.

Who qualifies for this service?

We provide used cooking oil recycling services to any business who uses straight vegetable oil, containing no chemical contaminants or animal fats. Our recycling partners include restaurants, schools, commercial kitchens, waste contractors, and more.

How much oil can be collected?

We can collect between 50 L and 3500 L of oil at a time.

Where do we put the oil?

We provide our clients with sturdy oil collection bins free of charge and spill containment systems are available at the clients’ request.

Containers come in a variety of sizes to fit our clients’ needs. We offer 60L porti-jugs, 200L steel barrels, 650L steel barrels, and 1100 L steel bins. We will install the lockable collection bin in an accessible spot behind your business.

Who picks up the oil?

Our team of recycling professionals provide our collection services with the proper trucks and equipment to get the job done.

Where does the oil go?

Ergo upcycles the used oil into eco-products, including our oil-ternative™ Form Release Agents, and renewable biodiesel available through the Cowichan Bio-Diesel Co-op.