FAQ: Used Cooking Oil Recycling

How can Ergo help my restaurant save money?

Ergo collects your waste oil at no cost to you. Additionally, if you provide us with large quantities of high-quality oil consistently, we offer competitive payments. Our focus is on delivering excellent service while rewarding our valued partners.

How often is the oil collected?

Certainly! We’re adaptable and can arrange oil pickups in line with your restaurant’s requirements. If there’s an emergency or unexpected need, we have you covered with responsive services.

Can Ergo collect my waste oil whenever I need it to? 

Yes, as long as you use vegetable oil free of chemicals in your cooking, you’re eligible. We collaborate with a diverse range of partners, including restaurants, schools, commercial kitchens, and waste management contractors.

How much oil can be collected?

There’s no limit; we’re equipped to manage all volumes. Our trucks handle collections of 50 litres or more. For smaller quantities, you’re welcome to bring them to our nearest collection kiosk.

What is the process for Ergo to collect oil from my restaurant?

We aim to streamline the process for you. Ergo will provide a sturdy collection bin for your waste cooking oil. Once it’s full, our dedicated team will visit and handle the collection efficiently.

What does Ergo do with the collected waste?

Ergo responsibly processes the waste cooking oil into Oil-ternative™ products, including renewable biodiesel, contributing to a more sustainable environment. Partnering with Ergo means taking an active role in environmental conservation.

How can I maximize the value of my waste cooking oil?

Maintaining the cleanliness of your waste oil and keeping it free from food particles can qualify you for better rates. Get in touch with us to find out how to ensure high-quality oil for collection, and inquire about how we can help highlight your restaurant’s dedication to recycling and environmental sustainability.